This is our specialty, it is a method using traditional Indonesian massage techniques. Balinese massage is a relaxing treatment, which overcomes muscle pain and brings mental and physical relief. Because of a high intensity and effectiveness, traditional Balinese therapy is currently one of the most popular massage techniques. Traditional Balinese massage derives from an exotic island Bali and is one of the ancient technique of curing many ailments, which is passed down from one generation to another. This is a relaxing massage of a whole body – from feet to head. We perform it using coconut oil, which is natural in 100%.

Balinese massage (includes face massage) based on sweet almond oil
* NEW *

Sweet almond oil soothes irritations of the skin and starts the processes of rebuilding the outer skin layer.
Moisturizes very dry skin and hair. Helps to reduce wrinkles caused by dry skin.
Protects skin and hair from harmful external factors, soothing also the sunburns. It is a source of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, D, and E.

Lomi Lomi

Hawaii massage performed in order to improve physical and mental condition. It uses warm oil. A masseur uses hands, forearm and elbows. An intensive massage conforms to patient’s needs. The ceremony of Lomi Lomi Nui has relaxing effect as well as it improves circulation and stabilization of nervous system.


Four-hands Balinese massage is performed by 2 therapists at the same time.


This is a Balinese massage, which combines the elements of acupressure, reflexotherapy and aromatherapy with the use essential oils, such as: jasmine, rose, bergamot, ylang-ylang and many other. A type of an oil is well-suited to individual needs. Its main task it to introduce into a state of deep relax, which influences senses and calms nerves. It is applied in the alternative ways of curing many ailments. We perform it using coconut oil with essential oils, which are squashed by hand and imported from Bali. In addition, the massage contains head massage and facial massage improving blood supply and influencing beneficially skin condition. It has also caring and nutrient effect.


This is a kind of, so called, deep massage. It constitutes a sequence of techniques, which are a combination of acupressure in important point of human body with elements of yoga, stretching and reflexology. The massage is performed on mattress. It may be performed by „4 hands“. During a massage, people take many positions deriving from yoga, while a therapist uses his or her thumbs, hands, elbows, forearms, and works using whole body. The massage is performed without using oils.

Hot stones

It is performed using basalt volcanic stones. It is a combination of Balinese massage with addition of relaxing stones. The treatment is very nice, relaxing and anti-stressing.
The benefits of massage: it reduces pain, troublesome muscle tension and tiredness; it gives feeling of deep relax, allowing to relieve stress stored in the body; it introduces harmony, calm and quiet into the body, it influences lymphatic and circulatory systems; it nourishes skin; improves immunity; it unlooses tense muscles, for instance after a training.

Reflexology of feet and legs

Through massage to health, there are some point on human body - receptors, which are responsible for various organs in the body. Through the massage of feet and legs, we fire up receptors, improving their blood supply and functioning. It is feet where a map of a whole body is located. The massage is also very pleasant and relaxing, and, what is more, it adds energy. It perfectly strengthens immune system. Also, it reduces inflammations, swellings and pain(for ex. Squeezing adequate points in the big toe may reduce headaches or neck aches). Besides, it improves blood circulation, excreting hormones and fires up detoxing. Thanks to the treatments it is easier to maintain a body in good condition and improve mood. The pressure may be lighter or stronger.


Contraindications are venous varices and bursting blood vessels. Javanese massage is a classic and old method, famous all around Indonesia. It is also relaxing as a Balinese one, however, it differs in the technique of performing it, it is unique in terms of strong pressure put on a muscle until it will be fully loosen causing relaxing effect. Javanese massage is performed from a toe tip to hair roots, it introduces a body and thoughts into a state of ideal harmony. It is perfect for people, who are stressed, as well as for those leading active lifestyle.


Lymphatic massage, strong, improving blood circulation. The massage is one of the oldest form of the art of healing human body. The used techniques may influence reduction of stress, improving circulation, improvement of healing and activation of lymphatic system. What is more, the massage effectively contributes to dealing with cellulite. It is worth to rub it regularly and do it systematically. Contraindications are venous varices and bursting blood vessels.

With bamboo

Intensive massage performed with the help of bamboo stick. It affects blood supply, mood, it firms skin, detoxicates organism from toxins and accretion. The bamboo stick is heated and it is used as an extension of a therapist’s hands. The massage is performed with an use of coconut oil. It is recommended for people, who like strong and intensive massages

With herbal ramrods

A massage with hot herbal ramrods derives from Thailand. This treatment is performed with the use of specially prepared, one-off, cotton pouches (ramrods), filled with aromatic herbs, fruit and spices with curing properties. The ramrods are immersed in hot oil and heated to the temperature, which allows releasing essential oils derived from herbs, and subsequently, it is rubbed into a body. Active substances diffuse into the depth of a body. An intensive aroma hovering during a treatment has also a therapeutic effect.


A massage aimed at people who do sports, for sportsmen, for coaches. A sporty massage prepares a body for physical effort, including muscles and joints. Whereas, after a training, it eliminates tiredness of muscles, joints, it loosens muscle sores (effect of lactic acid). It regenerates perfectly. In Bali Spa, we perform a sporty massage with coconut oil, and rub a whole body, concentrating on respective parts, depending on individual needs People, who do sport should remember about a regular massage, it is essential for good mood and for achieving physical aims.

For kids–Shantala massage

it is performed from a 6th month of life, it is relaxing, calming, using knowledge of Far East, influencing good mood. It is based on coconut oil.
Advantages: It satisfies basic need of touch contact; it has calming effect; It regulates circadian rhythm of a child; it improves sleep quality; it improves digestion; it stimulates working of immunological system; it stimulates working of hormonal system; it strengthens feeling of security.
Shantala massage is aimed for: all the healthy children from 1 month old to 3-years-olds; kids with psychomotor backward; kids suffering from cerebral palsy.
Contraindications for Shantala massage: diseases connected with high temperature; inflammations; skin illnesses; asthma; cancers. FOR THE OLDRER KIDS WE PERFORM A SUBTLE BALINESE MASSAGE

With a candle

A deeply relaxing massage, which calms nerves. It is very pleasant and relaxing. The essential oils contained in the candles as well as soy wax affects senses and cares for skin, remaining it silky smooth. The used components are natural in 100% , while the candles are made by hand and suited to individual needs.
The waxes and essential oils contained in the candles go deeper, so that their components have great influence on health, senses and skin. It is performed like Balinese massages, in a standing position, with feet and face massages


In Japanese, the word „shiatsu” means thrusting by thumbs. A curative massage is called acupressure without a needle. The main aim of the massage is to improve functioning of a whole organism. It makes use of acupuncture techniques derived from ancient Chinese medicine, whence it came to Europe. In 1995 Health Department officially recognized shiatsu as a curative treatment. The ancient Chinese described energetic channels located in a body. There are 12 main meridians. It may be also compared with a stream of energy coming from muscles and bones. The following types of meridians recognized: of lungs, of large intestine, of stomach, of spleen – pancreas, of heart, of small intensin, of urinary bladder, of kidneys, of pericardium, of triple heater, of liver and of gallbladder. Massaging of points located on a body improves functioning of muscles, joints and viscuses.

For pregnant women

It has relaxing effect, it reduces muscle tension, it influences positively improvement of skin appearance, it prevents creating skin stretch marks, it eases pain ailments, gives relief in case of appearance of swelling. It influences in a positive way a hormonal harmony of an organism. It helps maintaining correct body postural. It prepares a body for childbearing. It supports a process of returning to the uterus size since before pregnancy.

A massage of a pregnant woman may take place in three positions: lying position, on the side, and sitting position.

The safety of applying this treatment in case of a pregnant woman needs to be consulted with a gynecologist, who conducts a pregnancy.

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